Technical Lead

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | Full-time | COVID-19 remote


Lead Engineer

About Agara:
Massive amounts of data and computing power available today allow interesting things to be done
with deep learning. However, enterprises can unlock the true strength of this technology only when
it pervades wide and deep into their systems affecting core workflows and processes.
Agara is an end-to-end system of engagement for large enterprises. Hosted on the cloud, it deploys
quickly and seamlessly over existing storage systems. Agara is leveraging cutting edge machine learning
and artificial intelligence to solve peculiar and thorny problems for large enterprise customers. Our small,
tightly knit team includes senior ML practitioners from global internet giants and engineers with
experience of thinking up and deploying complex architectures. We are based in Bangalore and develop
products for enterprises with a global footprint. (
● Architecting an ecosystem of microservices with blazing fast and efficient inter-process
● Building an API that will scale out to millions of requests a day
● Setting up fail-proof data-storage solutions, ensuring their synchronisation and ability to
scale horizontally
● Working with state-of-the-art machine learning toolkits
● Make the model faster for real-time predictions
● Implementing the best industry practices w.r.t CI, CD and information security

You Must Have:
● 7+ years of experience in a developer and / or lead-developer role
● Strong fundamental knowledge of HTTP
● Strong fundamental knowledge of Linux systems
● A deep architectural understanding of web applications
● Experience crafting, implementing and securing high-performance RESTful services
capable of serving millions of requests a day
● Ability to build fault-tolerant software systems
● Ability to pick the right storage-system and the right data-structure for the task at hand
● B.Tech/M.Tech in Computer Science

What we offer:
Apart from all the general benefits of best in industry compensation, benefits & perks, we are proud of
our great talents, great work & great culture. We believe in mutual trust, flexibility & transparency.

Our Co-Founders:
Mr. Abhimanyu Singh (Co-Founder, COO):
Mr. Arjun Maheswaran (Co-Founder, CTO):

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